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What is up to everybody reading my website! Louis O'Connor here, and I would love to introduce you to this is absolutely “AMAZING” Website Hosting, Email Marketing Auto-Responder, HD Video Sharing, Fitness, Landing Page and Authority Website Builder All-In-One Suite of tools.

The company is called NOWLifestyle, and they have all the online tools you will need to succeed online! This is one of the “GREATEST” companies, in my opinion. Why? Simply because all the online marketing tools included is such a huge benefit to getting or expanding your online business and presence!

NOWLifestyle is launching a brand-new collection of online marketing tools. How is this a benefit? You might be wondering? Well, without a doubt, this is one of the most genuine values in the online market industry. 

Envision getting access to all the online marketing tools needed at an affordable cost, all on one monthly payment!!!! The details are all listed further down the page for less than $50.00 monthly to get started.

That will also depend upon your chosen package; you can always upgrade! If you prefer, you can also decide to become a reseller of this amazing website hosting team. 

You will be able to collect 100% residual commissions on the online marketing suite of tools included. It would cost you more to get a lawnmowing company off the ground, to be honest.

NOWLifestyle is going to make a massive disruption in the online marketing industry. It's now your turn to hop on and explode your email marketing and website hosting business.

Build your own website with Authority Website Builder or start using the Landing Page Builder, simple type, drag, and drop technology. There’s step by step videos to help you in the Members area. Take the steps of learning how to use NOWLifestyle and market what you desire.

If you are new to Internet Marketing? Excellent chances are, you have heard the term "Email Marketing"? Maybe you have even tried to use it in your own campaigns. But what is Email Promotion, and how can it help you? 

Essentially, email advertising is the act of transmitting a commercial message. In fact, usually, what happens is someone opts-in to a company’s autoresponder. You don't even need to own any products, and this is where affiliate marketing comes in handy to advertise!

Once you get an email address and name, the process starts transmitting your newsletters and products to subscribers inboxes. It's all on autopilot once you have it all set up for advertising. 

In its most broad sense, any email you send as a solicitation, advertisement, or proposal could all be considered email promotion with so many other forms of direct marketing tactics out there. It is no wonder that email advertising has become one of the most popular.

Email marketing tactics such as cost-effective advertising have proven to be very effective and efficient. These cost-effective strategies allow organizations to reach a large number of potential customers at a low cost. 

In fact, some experts believe that the ROI (return on investment) for email advertising may be as high as face-to-face marketing tactics, but with a lower cost!

website hosting, email marketing

What makes email promtion so efficient? One reason is that it allows you to track the performance of your marketing tactics easily. Tracking down which advertisement caused which conversions are not only time consuming but could also be frustrating. 

Luckily, there are many tracking software products available to help with this tedious task. NowLifestyle also keeps track of if your link was clicked from within the Autoresponder.

Another great thing about marketing with email is that you can easily determine who opens and reads emails. This information is incredibly important. Because it lets you target your advertisements towards those who are more likely to be interested in your product or service. 

So how do web hosting and email marketing go together? Well, you add the Autoresponder toy to your website or Landing Pages you create from within NOWLifestyle.

You will want to focus your Landing Pages and Website around a Niche. What is a Niche, you ask? It's a focused based website or Landing Page about a specific topic. For example, weight loss should be focused on weight loss and fitness. Make money online is the way you can make money online. Automotive should be focused around vehicles, etc. etc.

This helps you send targeted messages to the subscriber's inbox of your most targeted leads you collected from your website. You will get better results from your efforts if they're 100% interested in receiving emails about that topic. 

Suppose you target recipients who are interested in cars and send emails about fitness. Ask yourself this question will you open that email message? So when creating your website from he website hosting platform make sure to focus on that Niche.

I can guarantee you will automatically delete, unsubscribe or block the message you just read. So, how does website hosting and email marketing benefit your business? To understand how email advertising can benefit your business. 

It's important to examine how it works in tandem with other types of advertising. When you use an offline advertising technique, like TV ads or print publications, you reach a particular audience. You are typically reaching a highly focused demographic of that particular audience.


For example, if you are a dentist that operates a website selling dental supplies. You will probably not be sending direct marketing emails to people interested in learning more about dental care. Instead, you would want to send educational videos related to dental care to those people wanting to learn. And look for a more targeted audience who wants to buy dental supplies.

Nevertheless, by using the power of Social Media. You certainly can reach audiences that are not in your geographic area, and for real cheap. This is where website hosting a website comes into play. 

You can now drive free or paid Social Media traffic of billions of users to your website(s). The power of Social Media is so powerful you'll be stunned at the list of subscribers you can build.

Therefore, it's important to take precautions to ensure that you are reaching your intended audience. All Social Media sites have rules and guidelines to make sure to read and learn more about their Policies. 

By using appropriate tactics to target your audience, your list will grow and grow. Post once or twice a day. That's all you need to do. Make sure to market to your specific audience. The marketing emails are going to be opened when it hits into the inbox. You can improve your chances for the best results and "DO NOT SPAM."

Email marketing and owning website hosting with a domain can help increase your online presence, drive quality traffic to your website and increase sales and leads because the audience you target with email promtion campaigns varies from industries and locations. 

It's important to consider where your audience fits into your overall strategy. Direct marketing through social media may not always provide the audience you are looking for. In this case, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and email marketing campaigns may prove to be your best option.

You'll be able to learn to do all this from within the NOWLifestye Platform! You will soon discover why these products are so necessary for any product or service. The tools described below can “SKY ROCKEY any "BUSINESS"!

It's not just about the NOWLifetstyle business. These products can be used for any business online to generate even more leads, sales, and earnings.

The time is "NOW" to build the empire you have always dreamed of!

Here are these specific tools coming to you with your NOWLifestyle Membership!

Email Marketing Autoresponder

When somebody arrives at your landing page or website. You give them a chance to Sign-Up for your newsletter. Once they are registered you get their information.

Like name and e-mail address (or also data like their phone number), those details will go directly into your autoresponder. As your subscriber's list builds as you keep collecting more email addresses and names.

Those are considered leads, and the more you collect, the greater your success will be. You need to expect to make about $1.00 per lead monthly. This means if you possess 100 subscribers in your Autoresponder, you should make approximately $100 a month. 

On the other hand, if you have a list of 10,000 subscribers, you need to make $10,000 consistently monthly.

Build that email list, gain trust and provide outstanding Products and or Services. I can assure you and you certainly can make a predictable and long-lasting revenue stream.

Your Own Website Hosting Domain Name and Authority Website Builder.

I own https://www.extremedealsoftheday.com, https://louisoconnorworkfromhome.com I also own a few other domains, all threw NOWLifestyle Program. A Domain name is basically your home address, except it is online.

Joel Therien, the owner of NOWLifestyle, owns his website, and his domain name is NOWLifestyle.com.  

He owns many more domains too. By owning and having a domain name, it is your very own Authority Website. This is something you can declare your very own and have control over forever. Any other accounts on Social Networks are rented.

You hear true horror tales of people building a massive following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just for them to shut down your account without the chance to appeal or even defend yourself. You have unknowingly violated the Terms & Conditions of that Social Media Platform.

Can you imagine in your mind having 100,000 raving fans or perhaps 10,000? The next day you wake up, log in, and suddenly that is gone for good!! EEK, I would be so MADD!!! Especially if it is solely all you have, you are going to be out of business instantly!!!
The appropriate way to advertise on Social Media Platforms and drive people back to your website hosting your domain... Here is a detailed step by step guide:

[+] Post to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Create a compelling post bringing individuals to your Authority Website. From your website, make a deal of something free of charge in exchange for an email address and name.

You can provide a free course, a complimentary e-book, a discount coupon code. People love free offers to whatever you can think of to obtain a name and email address.

Now, if someone leaves their name and e-mail, that is a lead generated that "YOU NOW OWN", which is building you email marketing list. Absolutely no one can take that from you. The benefit of that lead is clarified above in step 2.

There are several website hosting companies available on the Internet. With such an affordable suite of online marketing tools included. NOWLifestyle just cannot be beaten! Especially with all the marketing tools included! (Ads)


Landing Page Builder.

A Landing Website Hosting Page is a webpage that you send website traffic to. The prime reason is to create leads for your business. I have seen one-word modifications on a landing webpage make conversions go up 20% or more.


The more trust they have in you, the more massive your profits will be.

Your Live Video Conference Room.

The absolute best conversions that allow engagement you can ever conduct is when you perform a LIVE event. It is extremely difficult in today's world to get any type of attention without videos. 

Because of mobile devices and advanced technology, people are being bombarded with details from all directions. I shake my head when my phone states I have invested an average of 4 hours daily on the screen of my phone! Ican't think think of any other website hosting email marketing with all these Online Marketing Tools included!

It always astonishes me when something is live the target market's attention is focused on them. For example a concert you are focused on the band and singer. Well the Same goes for webinars that can be hosted on your NOWLifestyle Platform. That is exactly what you want attention focused on you.

Real-time events have the most effective sales conversions. I have seen at times a high of 50% of the people purchase of the webinar of what was being sold. Seeing somebody live is usually the defining moment that takes the lead and turns them right into purchasing and repeat customers. You are building that relationship of trust.

Video Creation and Video Streaming.

Video is, by far, the most effective sales tool you can ever do. You can have engagement and one on one conversations. With countless video clips Worldwide over the years, it is astounding the level of trust you can build online. 

Every time you go to any internet event, or perhaps even just out and about. You can have a minimum of 10 to 15 people whom you have never met a day in your life come up to you. Start a conversation with you as if they've known you forever.

This is when you truly recognize that the first step in constructing trust has been achieved locally.

If you are recognized 100% of the time, 99.999% of people will trust and like you, which will lead to the investment of what you are selling money. If it were an unfamiliar person, less than 5% would certainly provide the money. That is the pure power of video. It creates massive trust with everyday consistency.



The 5 tools pointed out above can be the exact website hosting and email marketing tools that you can use to generate yourself a 6-figure business or more! Yes, you heard that correctly 6 figures for internet sales you can start making for yourself. My company, Extreme Deals of the day, focus on fashion. It even is generating leads and subscribers every day as my list builds and builds.

My website domain is extremedealsoftheday.com ranks Page 1 for the keyword Extreme Deals of the Day and many more worldwide. Joel Therien owner of the NOWLifestyle that I am promoting. 

I use it for my business the autoresponder on all my websites. I will continue doing this same thing on many more websites. Many other successful people are using Email Marketing to generate tons of wealth for themselves.

With the power of automation and the website hosting tools provided by NOWLifestyle. You now have the ability to generate leads to becoming fans and know, trust and like you. When they trust you, they come to be customers and frequently raving fans!!

The key to foreseeable wealth is to take people by the hand and teach them. Help them learn through the automated process. In fact and a guarantee as a member of my team and me being your Sponsor.

I'm ready to teach you NOWLifestyle program and the benefits. Let's crush this online marketing togther NOW, and build a fortune together! You can always reach out to me directly through Facebook https://www.facebook.com/louis.oconnor.5682

Your Extreme Dreams Of The Day Working Can Come True!!!

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Website Hosting, Email Marketing

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